We have an opportunity to change the world of how it will meet the food demand expected to double by 2050. Statics show that the world population will grow to the staggering rate of nine billion people to inhabit the planet by this time .                   

Twin Connection Technology,  LLC.  

Urban Sustainability


One Earth, One Chance, Your Choice.

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​​Twin Connection Technology, LLC.                                        One Earth, One Chance, Your Choice.

​​​Twin Connection Technology, LLC.

DBA  Hat City Farms

has rethought how we can contribute to a positive impact on our food system. 

We have developed vast ways of indoor hydroponic farming. Allowing improvement of nutrition and prevention of food waste.


We are excited to take on this new innovation way to grow plants by using the science of hydroponics. How it might potentially alleviate some of the problems brought on by current agricultural methods.

Vertical Farming: An agricultural revolution on the rise it is a promising concept that combines environmental consideration with sound economics .

Hydroponics will be  the method used for our farms. One very important thing  to know about hydroponics growing is nothing more than letting water do most of the work that soil usually does.