Americas leading project management office bringing your world closer to a clean and safer environment, both technologically and culturally, in this twenty first century Urban Sustainability Agriculture.   Our mission is to utilize Bio-diversity in  being the key defining mechanism for conservation for all living organisms. 


Geothermal heat pump, is providing to be very useful in modern construction practices. Using the earth as a heat source, and applying geothermal heat pump technology wherever we can to the first prototype Vertical Farm will ensure that it will never be a negative asset to the community with respect to energy consumption.


​​Mimic what nature has given us is the real question that lies ahead once all forms of urban agriculture take hold and the cities begins to feel the positive effects of in-house food production.  Remediation and redevelopment of contaminated and abandoned properties -better know as brownfields. Allowing every acre of brownfields  that can be redeveloped is an acre of job creating development that doesn't consume precious green space or farmland.

Sustainable urban life is technologically achievable, and most important , highly desirable Vertical Farming promises to eliminate natural forces as confounding elements in the production of food. Much of what we plant never gets a chance to grow to maturity due to adverse weather conditions driven by climate change.

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Genome replication is one of the most important tasks carried out in the cell . Before a cell can  divide , it must first replicate its genome so that each of the two daughter cells inherits its own copy. Yet if we take the time to review the underlying biological process, we will be rewarded with new algorithmic insights into analyzing replication.